Media Release: Citizens for Life RI reaction on Reproductive Privacy Act passage

Democracy aborted by Reproductive Privacy Act (RPA) sponsors and supporters

Political stunts allow divisive RPA to become law

Providence, RI---With blatant disregard for General Assembly rules and procedures, Reproductive Privacy Act (RPA) was signed into law by Governor Gina Raimondo last night. Raimondo signed the extreme abortion bill after the Senate voted brought RPA to the Senate floor where 21 Senators voted in favor with 17 Senators voting against. The vote came after a contentious Senate floor debate where 11 amendments to the law were considered and ultimately rejected.

Because RPA was modified in the Senate Judiciary Committee, General Assembly rules require the law to be reconsidered by the House Judiciary Committee. However, once again in an obvious political stunt to ram this law through, RPA was immediately considered on the House floor for a vote where it was approved 45-29.

This stunt is similar to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairperson Lynch-Prata (D-31) arbitrarily moved the law from the Judiciary Committee to the Health and Human Services committee dominated by RPA sponsors. Since Roe v. Wade, only House and Senate Judiciary Committees have reviewed proposed abortion laws. Chairperson Lynch-Prata’s decision to change committee assignments was a corrupt move to prevent RPA from failing to garner enough votes to come to the Senate floor for a vote by the full Senate. RPA failed 5 to 4 to pass out of Senate Judiciary Committee on May 15th, 2019.

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Loss of the Sacred

As the world watched in horror as Notre Dame went up in flames, the Guardian newspaper wrote "It feels as though the very heart of France and the soul of Europe have been suddenly and viciously ripped out." The author below writes "Could it be that these sacred spaces are more important to us--atheists and otherwise--than we care or dare to admit?"

The answer is yes and here's what else atheists and otherwise need to care and dare to admit: that fetuses are children who matter; who have a sacred calling and potential. Fetuses have hearts that beat and thus are protected in other states in recent days.

But these same hearts will be ripped out in Rhode Island if Senator Goldin and other lawmakers have their way. It is as though these RHCA bill sponsors would have cheered as the spire burned down because there is nothing sacred about an unborn child in this law.

What respect is there when the RHCA calls for babies to ripped apart limb by limb by lifting the partial birth abortion ban?

What reverence is present when a murderer can kill an unborn baby and not face legal consequences?

What appreciation is there for RI voters whose freedom of religion is violated by using tax dollars to fund abortions? The RHCA doesn't even esteem Roe v. Wade because that SCOTUS opinion literally delineates that our government is required to encourage the birth of children due to the "potentiality of life."

Nothing sacred here except the reality that these lawmakers must do the bidding of their Planned Parenthood overlords who contributed to their campaigns.

So the almighty dollar is what sacred, not innocent babies to these bills' sponsors.

We didn't have a cathedral go up in flames but we will have lost so much more if RHCA passes.

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Media Release: CitizensForLifeRI to Host Pro-Life Day of Action Rally

Pro-Life "Day of Action" Rally to be Hosted by Citizens for Life RI

Large Coalition Expected at State House to Oppose Extreme Abortion Bill and to Defend the Unborn

Providence, RI --Citizens for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (CLLPH) is hosting a pro-life “Day of Action” at the State House on Tuesday, February 26 at 3:00 PM. The event is an opportunity for all Rhode Islanders to come together to express their opposition to the radical New York-style abortion laws that are being proposed in Rhode Island that would eliminate; any constitutional restrictions on late-term abortions

The rally will feature talks by local pro-life advocates and leaders. In addition, a paper-based petition, signed by thousands of citizens from around the state, who oppose these abortion bills, will be presented to elected officials, as well as a copy of the most recent poll which shows that 73.8% of Rhode Islanders oppose unrestricted abortions.

“Average Rhode Islanders are going to make our voices heard,” said CLLPH member Carey Jeffrey. “The citizens of this State do not want to legalize late-term abortions and expand abortion laws in Rhode Island.”

Pre-registration is encouraged here.

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Citizens for Life Clarifies Methodology of Recent Poll

Press Release

February 15, 2019

Citizens for Life Clarifies Methodology of Recent Poll

93% of Rhode Islanders believe abortion should not be top priority for lawmakers, 69% oppose late-term abortions legalized by RHCA

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND – Citizens for Life released additional data from the poll they conducted earlier this week showing that Rhode Islanders opposed partial birth and late term abortions, both of which would be permitted under the Reproductive Health Care Act (RHCA) currently pending before the General Assembly. While RHCA supporters have tried to discredit the poll, it is clear Rhode Islanders reject their extreme position.

“Rhode Islanders, like Americans, do not want to legalize the abortion of a viable baby that could survive and even thrive outside the womb,” said Citizens for Life organizer Carey Jeffrey. “Whether we looked at Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives, the data was clear - this bill is too extreme for average Rhode Islanders.”

While the debate around abortion focuses on a pro-life/pro-choice binary, Rhode Islanders hold nuanced opinions about the issue. Only 12% believe abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, and only 22% believe in should always be legal. Late term abortions, which would be legal under the RHCA, are opposed by 69% of voters, including 59% of Democrats. Only 7% of voters think the General Assembly should make abortion legislation their top priority. According to the poll, Rhode Islanders want lawmakers to prioritize education, the economy, infrastructure, and eliminating public corruption.

Cygnal Research conducted the poll, which surveyed 700 Rhode Island voters. In 2018, New York Times’ polling expert Nate Cohn rated Cygnal the most accurate firm during the runup to the midterm elections. In contrast, the UNH Survey Center, which conducted the poll cited by RHCA supporters, was rated as the second-least accurate pollster by data guru Nate Silver. Silver described UNH’s survey research as “simply way off the mark.” Yet abortion extremists continue to cite the UNH poll, though there was only one question about abortion, which did not explain what type of abortion was being surveyed.

“We earned the mantle of ‘most reliable polling firm in the nation’ by fielding reliable surveys,” said Matt Hubbard, Cygnal’s Vice President of Research and Analytics. “As with all our surveys, we followed best practices such as rotating responses and presenting the questions to respondents in the way legislators are considering the bill.”

In the spirit of transparency, the poll’s crosstabs have been included with this release and will be available on the Citizens for Life website.

Click the links below to download:

Top Lines


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Rhode Islanders Overwhelmingly Oppose Unrestricted Abortions

Press Release

February 12, 2019


Decisive Results by Top-Rated Polling Firm Exposes Over-reach of Proposed Legislation

Providence, RI -- A new group, formed and funded by Rhode Island residents, Citizens for Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness, today released a poll it commissioned from one of the top polling firms in the country, Cygnal, which was recently cited by the New York Timesas the most accurate pollster in the country

The top-lines of the poll, which contacted 700 Ocean State residents via land and mobile lines, and with a 3.7% margin of error, include:

  • An overwhelming majority of Rhode Islanders (92.8%) believe that the abortion issue should not be the “top priority” for lawmakers; the abortion issue does not even rank among the top-6 issues
    • Only 7.2% say it’s their top priority
  • An overwhelming majority of Rhode Islanders (73.8%) believe that abortion should not be legal up until birth
    • Less than one-in-five Rhode Islanders (18.8%) believe it should be legal up until birth
  • An overwhelming majority of Rhode Islanders (68.9%) oppose partial-birth abortions in all situations
  • An overwhelming majority of Rhode Islanders (63.9%) oppose second-trimester abortions in all situations
  • An overwhelming majority of Rhode Islanders (63.0%) oppose legislation which removes restrictions as to who can perform abortions

Complete "top line" findings of the poll and more information can be found on the group's website - Multiple recently released national polls also support the findings of the Rhode Island poll, whereby large majorities of Americans oppose unrestricted abortions. 

Citizens for Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness also conducted a manual petition drive and collected over 1000 written signatures in just the past week, opposing legislation currently before Rhode Island's General Assembly that would significantly expand abortions in the state. 

Citizens for Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness is 100% organized and funded by private Rhode Island residents. No out-of-state or any special-interest-group funds have been raised. Statements and information from the organization can be found and followed in its social media accounts: @CitizForLifeRI on Twitter and /CitizensForLifeRI on Facebook. 

Citizens for Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness was formed by Rhode Islanders seeking to preserve the rights and sanctity of every human life - from the unborn to the infirm to the elderly - and to strengthen the cultural and historical underpinnings of our state. Our mission is to promote strong and healthy families, to advance dignity for each and every human being, and to expose the politically-correct extremism that tears at the fabric of our society. 

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