Loss of the Sacred

As the world watched in horror as Notre Dame went up in flames, the Guardian newspaper wrote "It feels as though the very heart of France and the soul of Europe have been suddenly and viciously ripped out." The author below writes "Could it be that these sacred spaces are more important to us--atheists and otherwise--than we care or dare to admit?"

The answer is yes and here's what else atheists and otherwise need to care and dare to admit: that fetuses are children who matter; who have a sacred calling and potential. Fetuses have hearts that beat and thus are protected in other states in recent days.

But these same hearts will be ripped out in Rhode Island if Senator Goldin and other lawmakers have their way. It is as though these RHCA bill sponsors would have cheered as the spire burned down because there is nothing sacred about an unborn child in this law.

What respect is there when the RHCA calls for babies to ripped apart limb by limb by lifting the partial birth abortion ban?

What reverence is present when a murderer can kill an unborn baby and not face legal consequences?

What appreciation is there for RI voters whose freedom of religion is violated by using tax dollars to fund abortions? The RHCA doesn't even esteem Roe v. Wade because that SCOTUS opinion literally delineates that our government is required to encourage the birth of children due to the "potentiality of life."

Nothing sacred here except the reality that these lawmakers must do the bidding of their Planned Parenthood overlords who contributed to their campaigns.

So the almighty dollar is what sacred, not innocent babies to these bills' sponsors.

We didn't have a cathedral go up in flames but we will have lost so much more if RHCA passes.


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