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Is Working Families RI anti-family?


Recently, pro-life supporters rallied at the Statehouse to stand up for dehumanized babies, who but for the birth canal and a woman’s desire, could enjoy the civil liberty to live.


Anti-family Evidence Exhibit #1


Who dehumanized them? The list is long but progressives lead the pack in bullying and arm-twisting to allow the grotesque dismembering of innocent children. Why the law even removes ‘personhood’ from babies who kick and suck their thumbs in their mother’s wombs. Why have baby showers then, if the fetus is a ‘non-person’? Obviously, this is all to protect Planned Parenthood from being sued by fathers who would welcome babies as the gift that they are.


Anti-family Evidence Exhibit #2


As if that isn’t bad enough, we also have progressives paying lip service to schools actually educating children but in reality, their allies in the school system want the contract to reign supreme. Their solution: establish a “living” minimum wage. In essence, throwing in the towel to fix the schools, and patting families on the head in failing school neighborhoods, saying “There, there we know you’re not going to be educated so the best you can hope for is a minimum wage job so try to get by on $15 an hour.” Essentially recreating the feudal system where the elites get educated and the poor have no way out. Education used to be the ladder out of poverty. Let’s fix it beginning with letting parents decide what schools are best for their children.


Anti-family Evidence Exhibit #3


And yet there is more: progressives would deprive children of their relationship with doting grandparents. What?!? Okay, this is “out there” as a concept but I know you can grasp it.  An assisted suicide bill will once again be introduced in the General Assembly. Ignoring the fact that doctors are wrong 80 percent of the time when predicting when someone will die, this law will open the door to physician assisted suicide. But what they won’t tell you is that insurance companies often stop paying for chemo when a state has an assisted suicide law. So if Grandma gets diagnosed with cancer, well the insurance company will insist she takes the “pill” to end her life because they refuse to pay for potentially life-saving chemotherapy. What a tragedy, especially as life expectancy rates are increasing as cancer treatments become more and more effective. Now not all grandparents are doting and affectionate but it’s a safe bet to say a majority are exceptionally affectionate.  Think of all the children who will be deprived of that special relationship if this law were to pass.


So the evidence is stacking up that Working Families RI is an ironic name given their loud support for so many anti-family laws. Or maybe it just means these elites will have families working to support their bleak vision where the rule of law and constitutional rights are replaced by costumes and temper tantrums.



"What is the cost of lies?"

We now have RI government leaders who will decide who lives and who dies based on quality of life judgements, thanks to the passage of Reproductive Privacy Act (RPA).

Ironic in the state where freedom of religion was born because RPA tramples on the faith of thousands of RI taxpayers. But you won't see that in Projo!

They will decide for innocent babies without a voice who are "unplanned."

Coming soon to the next General Assembly session, they will decide for the elderly and the disabled who will be judged on their "quality of life."

We have crossed over the line: the RI government no longer seeks to protect and preserve our citizens but has taken on the role of God. Atheism does not absolve one of playing God.

By the way, they have been doing a very bad job at educating our children, protecting vulnerable children at DCYF, maintaining our infrastructure and safety net for the poor and managing our budget! So now, without inspections, we allow full term or close to full term babies be murdered at Planned Parenthood !?

This is the immeasurable cost of lies: people dying at the whim of an arrogant and heartless government. Reminds me of Chernobyl. Did you know that the Soviet government puts the death toll at that nuclear disaster at 31 but some estimates that close to a million people were ultimately killed?

How many will die in Rhode Island?

"To be a [pro-life activist]
is to be naive. We are so focused on our search for truth, we fail to consider how few actually want us to find it."

The truth is every life matters, even the "unplanned" ones. 

The truth is, in RI, there are dozens of pro-women and children organizations ready to help in a myriad of ways.

The truth is all RPA supporters care about is abortion, not women.

The truth is the quotes in this post are adapted from Chernobyl, the HBO mini-series where the parallels between

the Soviets and RI government are scarily similar.



Political stunts allow divisive RPA to become law

Providence, RI---With blatant disregard for General Assembly rules and procedures, Reproductive Privacy Act (RPA) was signed into law by Governor Gina Raimondo last night. Raimondo signed the extreme abortion bill after the Senate voted brought RPA to the Senate floor where 21 Senators voted in favor with 17 Senators voting against. The vote came after a contentious Senate floor debate where 11 amendments to the law were considered and ultimately rejected.

Because RPA was modified in the Senate Judiciary Committee, General Assembly rules require the law to be reconsidered by the House Judiciary Committee. However, once again in an obvious political stunt to ram this law through, RPA was immediately considered on the House floor for a vote where it was approved 45-29.

This stunt is similar to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairperson Lynch-Prata (D-31) arbitrarily moved the law from the Judiciary Committee to the Health and Human Services committee dominated by RPA sponsors. Since Roe v. Wade, only House and Senate Judiciary Committees have reviewed proposed abortion laws. Chairperson Lynch-Prata’s decision to change committee assignments was a corrupt move to prevent RPA from failing to garner enough votes to come to the Senate floor for a vote by the full Senate. RPA failed 5 to 4 to pass out of Senate Judiciary Committee on May 15th, 2019.

“Imagine Rhode Islanders’ horror if we had 12 children die in a school shootings twice a week? RPA allows this horror to take place at Planned Parenthood without any government agency oversight and without any safeguards. Today the General Assembly put a price on human bodies and determined that some lives matter but 2,000 plus children do not matter,” said Carey Jeffrey, spokesperson for Citizens for Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Citizens for Life RI appreciates the courageous efforts and amendments put forth by  Senator Jessica de la Cruz (R-23), Senator Elaine Morgan (R-34), Senator Dennis Algiere (R-38), Senator Frank Lombardi (D-26), Senator Lou Raptakis (D-33) and Senator Harold Metts (D-6).

In the House, the pro-life community owes appreciation to Representative Blake Filippi (R-36), Representative Arthur Corvese (D-55), Representative Christopher Millea (D-16), Representative Thomas Noret (D-25), Representative David Place (R-47), Representative Sherry Roberts (R-29), Representative Brian Newbury (R-48), Representative Michael Chippendale (R-40), James McLaughlin (D-57), Representative Vella-Wilkinson (D-21) and all state representatives who voted in opposition to RPA.

Pro-life organizations and supporters will not forget those who facilitated this raw power grab and vow to vote against any RPA supporters in the 2020 elections. “Actions speak louder than words so saying that one is ‘personally’ pro-life will not stand if the lawmaker voted for this unnecessary and extreme law,” said Jeffrey. Such lawmakers have chosen to ignore numerous polls done locally and nationally where voters registered their overwhelming opposition to second and third trimester abortions. “This is not the will of the people nor representative government,” Jeffrey stated.

Citizens for Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, a newly formed and funded group by Rhode Island residents, commissioned one of the top polling firms in the country, Cygnal, which was recently cited by the New York Times as the most accurate pollster. The Cygnal found that 74% of Rhode Island voters from both political parties were strongly opposed to 2ndand 3rdtrimester abortions. Cygnal’s results strongly correlate with other polls like national polls done by Gallup and Harvard and another local poll done by the Susan B. Anthony List commissioned by Rhode Island Right to Life.

RI News media acts like a modern-day Soviet propaganda machine.

(Inspired by watching "Chernobyl" on HBO)

Here are the questions that they don't ask about the extreme abortion bill:

Has a Senate Judiciary Committee chairperson ever switched committee assignments at the last minute like Senate Chair Prata-Lynch did on Tuesday June 11th?

Why did Senate Chair Prata-Lynch make the committee change when recently she stated that it was not necessary to move the bill to the Senate Health & Human Services (HHS) committee?

Why didn't the Democrat leadership vote in the Judiciary committee as "ex-officio" as Senator Elaine Morgan attempted to do on Tuesday?

How can the HHS committee vote on H5125A/B without hearing testimony? There were hours and hours of testimony when the bill was heard in front of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, do the senators really assume that they know every argument that was made? Shouldn't sponsorship of the law make the need for hearing testimony even more acute?

How can Senate President Dominick Ruggerio dismissed Senator Morgan's and Senator de la Cruz's letter of objection about rules without providing his rationale for rejection?

How can pro-life/anti-abortionists say that they are " personally pro-life" but vote for H5125A/B which has been characterized as allowing late-term abortions? Isn't the definition of hypocrisy to say one thing and then do the opposite?

Are there any safeguards in H5125 Sub A/B to protect against forced abortions? There are safeguards in other laws about life and death issues, why not in this law?

Do the Senators and Representatives know that abortion is legal in Rhode Island so the necessity of this law is redundant?

Do the Senators and Representatives know that the Cygnal poll done in February 2019 with a sample size of 700+- of Rhode Island voters established that their constituents want lawmakers to focus on education, economics and infrastructure? Do they know that Cygnal was named the "most accurate" pollster by the NY Times?

Do the Senators and Representatives know that the oft-cited 71% of Rhode Islanders in favor of this bill actually was a single question and not a poll? And that question did not mention 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions? And that national polls dovetail with Cygnal's results that a majority of Americans are against these abortions?

Why are we wasting so much time and energy on abortion when the danger of Roe v. Wade being overturned is limited at best? Aren't so-called "abortion bans" recently passed in other states already facing court challenges?

Do the Senators and Representatives know that Roe v. Wade allowed only 1st trimester abortions so to say this law codifies that decision makes no sense? That Roe v. Wade is already codified because it is a SCOTUS decision?


One last question: will Rhode Island voters remember this reckless disregard for democracy in 2020 and vote out the hypocrites and the power-hungry progressives? We can only hope!






In their own words: U.S. Supreme Court Justices would oppose the extreme RI abortion law.

See what they wrote in Roe v. Wade:

[Some] argue that the woman's right is absolute and that she is entitled to
terminate her pregnancy at whatever time, in whatever way, and for
whatever reason she alone chooses. With this we do not agree. Roe at 153.

[A] State may properly assert important interests in safeguarding
health, in maintaining medical standards and in protecting potential life. At
some point in pregnancy, these respective interests become sufficiently
compelling to sustain regulation of the factors that govern the abortion
decision. The privacy right involved, therefore, cannot be said to be
We, therefore, conclude that the right of personal privacy includes the
abortion decision, but that this right is not unqualified and must be
considered against important state interests in regulation. Roe at 154.


They are lying to you. Watch this:




Americans United For Life did an investigation into abortion clinics:


What they found was disturbing!  Is this happening at RI's Planned Parenthood?


When do unborn children become Americans?

Rhode Island Progressives are trying to legalize the killing of an unborn baby – for any reason – UP UNTIL BIRTH. We're calling on every citizen with a sense of human compassion in the Ocean State to mobilize and show the Rhode Island legislature this is NOT an American value.

This morning, somewhere in Rhode Island a mother got to hold her baby for the first time. Under this new law, that same baby could have been legally killed just moments earlier. Let us not forget the barbaric procedure required to abort a baby so close to birth involves crushing the skull and dismembering the body.

These are not exaggerations. These are facts. And they could soon be legal in Rhode Island. 

We will grieve for the thousands of innocent unborn girls and boys of Rhode Island who will perish as a result of this despicable legislation. But we won’t just grieve… As God is our witness, we will FIGHT.

Contact us at [email protected]

H5125A/S152A would bring this to Rhode Island. Please watch the video now.

Abortion Law Facts By The Numbers:

  • Over 30 Rhode Island lawyers agree that Amended H 5125 and S152 would allow abortions up to moment of birth
  • Maternal mortality rate risk increases for every week after 8 weeks gestation accordingto American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians & Gyneologists.  “Abortion, including later in pregnancy is not healthcare.”
  • 15,000+ petition signatures against H 5721/5 in less than a month
  • 500+ pro-life rally participants at Statehouse on 2-26-19
  • 74% Rhode Islanders oppose abortion in second and third trimesters in gold standard poll (click here for more info)
  • RI Constitution: “Nothing in this section shall be construed to grant or secure any right relating to abortion or the funding thereof.” (Section 2)
  • Roe v. Wade: “The stage subsequent to (fetal) viability, the State in promoting its interest in the potentiality of human life, may, if it chooses, regulate and even proscribe/[prohibit] abortion.”**


  • “The very notion that the State has a substantial interest in potential life lead to the conclusion that not all regulations must be deemed unwarranted. Not all burdens on the right to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy will be undue.”**

Do your voters want to have an abortion clinic on every corner like nail salons and fast food joints?  By the way, these laws allow non-physicians to perform late term abortions which puts women’s health at risk for infection and death.


  • Featured post

    Citizens for Life Clarifies Methodology of Recent Poll

    Press Release

    February 15, 2019

    Citizens for Life Clarifies Methodology of Recent Poll

    93% of Rhode Islanders believe abortion should not be top priority for lawmakers, 69% oppose late-term abortions legalized by RHCA

    PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND – Citizens for Life released additional data from the poll they conducted earlier this week showing that Rhode Islanders opposed partial birth and late term abortions, both of which would be permitted under the Reproductive Health Care Act (RHCA) currently pending before the General Assembly. While RHCA supporters have tried to discredit the poll, it is clear Rhode Islanders reject their extreme position.

    “Rhode Islanders, like Americans, do not want to legalize the abortion of a viable baby that could survive and even thrive outside the womb,” said Citizens for Life organizer Carey Jeffrey. “Whether we looked at Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives, the data was clear - this bill is too extreme for average Rhode Islanders.”

    While the debate around abortion focuses on a pro-life/pro-choice binary, Rhode Islanders hold nuanced opinions about the issue. Only 12% believe abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, and only 22% believe in should always be legal. Late term abortions, which would be legal under the RHCA, are opposed by 69% of voters, including 59% of Democrats. Only 7% of voters think the General Assembly should make abortion legislation their top priority. According to the poll, Rhode Islanders want lawmakers to prioritize education, the economy, infrastructure, and eliminating public corruption.

    Cygnal Research conducted the poll, which surveyed 700 Rhode Island voters. In 2018, New York Times’ polling expert Nate Cohn rated Cygnal the most accurate firm during the runup to the midterm elections. In contrast, the UNH Survey Center, which conducted the poll cited by RHCA supporters, was rated as the second-least accurate pollster by 538.com data guru Nate Silver. Silver described UNH’s survey research as “simply way off the mark.” Yet abortion extremists continue to cite the UNH poll, though there was only one question about abortion, which did not explain what type of abortion was being surveyed.

    “We earned the mantle of ‘most reliable polling firm in the nation’ by fielding reliable surveys,” said Matt Hubbard, Cygnal’s Vice President of Research and Analytics. “As with all our surveys, we followed best practices such as rotating responses and presenting the questions to respondents in the way legislators are considering the bill.”

    In the spirit of transparency, the poll’s crosstabs have been included with this release and will be available on the Citizens for Life website.

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